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P. P. L.

Personal Pilot License

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C. P. L.

Commercial Pilot License

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A. T. P. L.

Airline Transport Pilot License

Air Carrier Contract Training
Air Carrier Training
Part 142 Training Centers

In trusting us with your flight training, you are opting for an organisation where quality and high standards are paramount, and costs contained so as to provide you, our student, with the best value for money. Our academy’s spectacular success is due to our commitment to our customers in providing:


To be the pioneer and leading Approved Training Organization in Afghanistan, thereby to achieve and sustain global standards of Aviation Safety, by strictly adhering to laid down norms in the field of Regulatory and Non regulatory training, duly endorsed by ACAA, Afghanistan.


CBAS will have all the requisite skills and experience to provide immersive mission and operational training, including training systems that can be networked for distributed mission operations and training. Candidates will be trained by CBAS as per ACAA standards.


Offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Airlines Aviation according to international standards and curriculum.
Provide academic education for Afghans in Airlines Aviation products, services, maintenance.

What do we intend to do?

CBAS intents to deliver turn key training solutions that will include complete training programs, courseware, practical and classroom-based training.